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About Us

Our vision is that:

Pia is the UK's leading independent accessible media producer.
Pia remains a respected member of the transcription services industry, contributing to the development of services and resources for people with visual impairment.
This part of our website tells you about us, how we've achieved all that we have and how we intend to keep improving our services.
Our purpose is to produce high quality, competitively priced braille and other accessible formats on time, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Through our work, we will contribute to society by:

providing products that meet or exceed end user expectations
promoting the use and availability of braille and other accessible formats
generating greater understanding of the issues affecting people with visual impairment
acting in an environmentally caring manner.
We will conduct ourselves professionally and conscientiously to ensure that:


Pia is successful

our services exceed expectations
our customers are happy
our colleagues receive our support.

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