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Braille Transcription, Printing & Embossing

With 12,000 people relying on braille in the UK, our text to braille transcription and production service ensures your organisation is accessible to customers who rely on braille.

Experts at converting text to braille

Our staff have over 70 years' combined experience of delivering high quality braille transcription. Braille documents from Pia are always professionally presented, and often delivered to very tight deadlines.

Creating a braille version of your print documentation is not as simple as selecting ‘braille’ in the braille translation software. To ensure your finished braille documents are of the highest quality and will meet the needs of the end user, we edit the content and layout to ensure it meets the current braille rules and best practice guidance.

Create a professional & accessible image with high quality braille documents

To create the right impression, we finish braille documents with full colour covers matching the corporate image of the original print document. Covers contain print and braille labels and the document is bound with wire comb, allowing the best possible flexibility for use by braille users while maintaining the professional presentation of the document.

We have extensive experience of delivering a wide range of braille documents including but not limited to:

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Large Print

Large Print

Large print documents professionally reformatted ensuring your large print collateral presents a consistent and professional brand image.

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Large Print

Audio Transcripts


We transcribe your documents to multiple audio formats to allow you to communicate to customers who have difficulty accessing print.

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