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Audrey - Transcriber

I obtained my Braille qualification in November 1997 and worked supporting blind and visually impaired pupils within mainstream schools. I am skilled in producing tactile diagrams as well as originating materials for production in Braille and large print. I have been working at Pia since 2003, as a braille and large print originator and proof reader.

Carol - Transcriber

I have worked for Pia as a transcriber since June 2017. I originally joined as a temp and have recently become a permanent member of the team. I’ve never worked with accessible formats before and find it very rewarding. In my spare time I enjoy swimming, watching motorsport and Strictly Come Dancing. I also go to the theatre.

Catrin - Transcriber

I started working for Pia as a large print temp through an agency in November 2016, and then became a permanent member of staff in April 2017. I will be starting a Braille course soon and hopefully in 2019 I’ll be able to originate both Braille and large print. I am a fluent Welsh speaker and I have a passion for languages and all things linguistic. Outside of work I enjoy playing badminton and video games, and have the occasional urge to get crafty (painting, colouring, sewing, baking and jewellery-making so far).

Craig – Transcriber

I arrived at Pia in 2013 as a part-time braille proofreader, and then became a full-time Braille transcriber in 2015. When I’m not at my desk, I can usually be found eating biscuits and causing mischief around the building.

Dale - Sales & Marketing Representative

Since joining Pia early in 2016, I’ve had a go at a number of the roles in Pia. I started originally as a seasonal production assistant. But once I realised that once you’re in, you can’t get out of Pia, I agreed to stay on initially as a transcriber. As soon as I let slip that I had a teaching background and that I was a very good communicator, I was asked to move into a customer management role specifically to help out with Pia’s education helpline work. These days, I’m kept extremely busy with quoting, data capture and contract management alongside my colleagues in our CMT. I look forward to speaking to you next time you call! 

Daii - Sales & Marketing Representative

I joined Pia in 2015 as part of the Customer Management Team. During my interview, I impressed everyone with my background in administration and customer service, and my extensive knowledge of conspiracy theories and UFOs! My work involves making sure Pia’s customers get the best service possible. One of the best parts of my job though is spending Pia’s money. If anyone needs a pen, some braille paper or even a pool table, then I’m the person for the job! So, next time you call, say hello. 

Debra – Company Secretary

I’ve been at Pia since 1996 and what a whirlwind ride it’s been. Many things have changed since I first joined, but because I look after the finances, some of my role is still the same as it was back then. The fun part of my role in recent years though has been as a point of contact for customers (especially the ones who need to talk to someone really clever…). I’ve now been a member of the senior management team for a few years, so although I may not speak to customers as often as I used to, I still get to keep an eye on the colleagues who do. Everyone always has to do as I say, because I’m the one who runs the payroll!

Holly – Sales & Marketing Representative

Compared to my longer- serving colleagues, I’m a relative newbie, having joined Pia in Autumn 2017. I joined the customer management team initially to help with the administrative process for one of our major contracts. Now that I’m an expert on that, and since my CMT colleagues realised they couldn’t manage without me, I’ve been asked to get more involved with the other work that keeps us all busy. You may not hear from me much, but be assured, I’m working away in the background to make sure all our customers are looked after in the manner to which they’ve become accustomed.

Isabel - Transcriber

Having joined Pia in March 2017 as a seasonal production assistant, I became one of those that came and never went from Pia. As soon as my colleagues realised that I was very comfortable behind a microphone, they locked me in one of Pia’s soundbooths. I manage to fit in working at Pia around my work as a singer but apparently singing audio documents isn’t considered good practice… By the way, I’m still locked in one of the soundbooths so if you could ask my colleagues to come and let me out, I’d be grateful. 

Jill – Transcriber

Arrived in Pia in 2001 from a teaching background. Since that time I have had many roles from Helpline and Data Manager to my current as Braille transcriber. I spend my days transcribing all manner of materials into Braille and large print. When not in work I enjoy the outdoors, painting watercolours and eating jelly beans!  

Lauren - Producer

I joined Pia in 2007 as part of the Production Team. I produce and despatch the documents. I currently work part time and when I’m not working at Pia I look after my three beautiful children, and I’m known to enjoy going on a spending spree or two!!

Lynda - Producer

I’ve been working at Pia on and off since March 2012. I was originally a seasonal production assistant but enjoyed the work so much, I refused to leave one year. I thoroughly enjoy the variety of the work in Pia’s production area and the challenge of not knowing what I’m going to be producing next! It’s great to be one of the team that make sure that Pia delivers what it promised to do at the start of the process. And, in between the production jobs, I also enjoy the dancing that we have the space for in production. Shhh, just don’t tell Sharon… 

Matthew – Head of Business

I arrived in 2009 to add extra capacity to the production team, shortly moving from production to the Braille team as a a trainee Braille originator. After a quick stint I moved teams again (obviously something I’d said!) to become a member in the large print team, it was here I set roots working alongside Peter. After a number of years gaining experience in all things accessible, I joined SMT after being overly interfering on a technical side and trying to promote change throughout the business.

Paula – Transcriber

When I started at Pia we had MS-DOS and no internet! I still work in an office with no windows. My current role includes Braille transcription, audio and tactile diagrams. 

Peter - Transcriber

I was first employed by Pia for three months in 1998 and provided temporary occasional cover over the next few years until 2003 when I became a permanent employee. I was a member of the UK Association for Accessible Formats large print working group in 2012, which set UKAAF’s LP guidelines and am now a member of the newly-resurrected group reviewing those guidelines. I am also a member of the editorial group of ‘Format Matters’, the UKAAF magazine. Specialising in prevarication and obfuscation, I am sometimes accused of sesquipedalianism. I can definitely say I don’t suffer from hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia.

Sara – CMT Administrator

I have worked as a temp for Pia over the years but have recently been hired on a permanent basis. My role involves marketing, managing Pia’s social media presence, pulling together the monthly newsletter, being wellbeing champion as well as anything else they might find me useful for in the office. Outside of work I spend my time chasing around after my three young girls and their busy social schedules. For relaxation I enjoy crafting (knitting is my preference at the moment) and baking yummy cakes!!! 

Sharon Williams - Managing Director

Arrived in Pia as general dogsbody in 1999, and now that I'm MD, nothing's changed! Got to being where I am by interfering, asking questions, wanting improvements and generally getting on everyone's nerves. Spend my days marketing, being strategic, getting creative and learning! My colleagues often wonder what I do all day, so hopefully they'll read this and find out…  

Steven – Producer

I joined Pia’s production team back in 2014 and I’m still enjoying making dotty things. No two days are the same in our very busy unit. Sometimes it’s education material, then it’s restaurant menus and the next moment, business cards and Braille labels. I’ve learned a lot at Pia such as running digital print machines, and using technology and even learned Braille letters and numbers. And, in recent times, I’ve also learned how to play a mean pool game!

Tad - Transcriber

I started at Pia in June 2015 as a production assistant. However, once my aptitude for technology and my ability as an electronic illustrator got out, I was soon whisked to my own transcriber’s desk. These days, I also spend a lot of time in a soundbooth at Pia reading and then engineering audio documents. I’ve also been responsible for setting up Pia’s synthetic speech option in the audio suite and for making sure that our output is nowhere near robotic! In addition to all of this, I’m also one of the go to colleagues when a braille embosser is playing up. One of these days, I’ll have a ‘normal’ job… 

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Over 20 years experience in braille transcription services and high quality, professionally presented braille printing & embossing.

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Large Print

Large print documents professionally reformatted ensuring your large print collateral presents a consistent and professional brand image.

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We transcribe your documents to multiple audio formats to allow you to communicate to customers who have difficulty accessing print.

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