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Audio Transcription & Documents

Providing audio transcription and documents is important for your blind and partially-sighted customers who cannot access braille or large print formats, as well as people with learning difficulties or dyslexia or those who have difficulty reading.  

Professional Audio Transcriptions

Our in-house audio recording studios are staffed by experienced professionals, who can transcribe your letters, brochures, newsletters, utility bills, statements and more, into the preferred formats of your customers.  Files can be supplied on CD, tape, USB stick or as MP3 files (which are compressed and are therefore also ideal for uploading to your website).

All audio transcriptions are packaged and labelled with your corporate branding, we can provide individualised recordings to send direct to your customers or for dispatch to you for distribution.

What does the audio transcription process involve?

A good audio transcription process involves four key steps:

  • devising your script
  • choosing the right readers
  • identifying appropriate sound-effects and music
  • using a professional production process

What format can I distribute my audio transcription?

Documents that have been transcribed to audio can be finished and distributed in a wide variety of formats. The most popular method currently is audio CD, which is rapidly replacing the audio cassette, but this format is still available and is still widely used.

In addition to physical media, electronic files are becoming increasingly popular. MP3 and other formats, such as ‘wav’ files, can be provided either on CD or USB memory stick, published directly on your website or emailed directly to your customer, allowing you to become more responsive in providing alternative and accessibility compliant formats.

Contact us if you would like more information about how our audio transcription service can help your business.

Braille Printing

Braille Print & Embossing

Over 20 years experience in braille transcription services and high quality, professionally presented braille printing & embossing.

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Braille Print & Embossing

Large Print

Large Print

Large print documents professionally reformatted ensuring your large print collateral presents a consistent and professional brand image.

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Large Print

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