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Large Print makes Accessible Communications

Large print versions of your printed documents ensure maximum accessibility of your written communications.

Large print is an accessible format that benefits your customers with visual impairments and can even help people with other print impairments such as dyslexia. Pia's large print transcription service provides documents in a larger font size to aid reading and optimises content presentation to maintain the professional presentation of the original document.

Professional & High Quality Large Print Accessible Formats

Creating quality accessible large print documents requires the same care and attention as for other accessible formats such as braille, audio

Making a large print version of a document is not simply a matter of making the text bigger. Applying a larger typeface involves re-formatting and editing the entire document to ensure that your large print is consistent with your professional brand image.

Converting items such as tables, graphs and diagrams can be a challenge when creating a large print document, with information either needing to be edited, reduced or represented differently in order to maximise the best use of page space.

When transcribing your document to large print, we follow and exceed the UK Association of Accessible Formats (UKAAF) guidelines, which are the current industry standards in the UK. We also ensure that your large print document is equal in quality and presentation to the standard print, demonstrating your commitment to your partially sighted customers.

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Braille Printing


Over 20 years experience in braille transcription services and high quality, professionally presented braille printing & embossing.

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We transcribe your documents to multiple audio formats to allow you to communicate to customers who have difficulty accessing print.

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