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Providing your documents in an audio format allows you to communicate effectively with your blind and partially-sighted customers who cannot access braille or large print formats. An audio format may also benefit people with learning difficulties or dyslexia or those who have difficulty reading.  

Professional Audio Transcriptions

Our in-house audio recording studios are staffed by experienced transcribers, able to transcribe your letters, brochures, newsletters, utility bills, statements and more, into the preferred formats of your customers. Finished documents can be supplied on CD, tape, USB stick or as an MP3 file ready for uploading to your website.

All audio documents are packaged and labelled with your corporate branding ensuring you maintain your image with your customers with visual impairment. We also offer a direct distribution service to send your documents straight to your customers making sure they arrive in good time.

Sample Audio Transcriptions

Here is an example of the audio transcriptions we provide and the voices we have available.

What does the audio transcription process involve?

A good audio transcription process involves four key steps:

  • reviewing the document to identify an appropriate structure and to identify any additional referencing text required,
  • reading the document in one of our tailor-made soundproofed soundbooths
  • editing and engineering the final audio file to ensure that the document sounds as good as it should
  • designing the artwork to create a finished document that matches the corporate image of the original document.

The main choice you will need to make is whether you'd like the document to be transcribed with human voice or as synthetic speech. Pia has researched the wide range of synthetic voices available and selected the best quality. Not all documents are appropriate for presenting in synthetic speech but colleagues at Pia can advise on your document when you get in touch.

Contact us if you would like more information about how our audio transcription service can help your business.

Braille Printing


Over 20 years experience in braille transcription services and high quality, professionally presented braille printing & embossing.

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Large Print

Large Print

Large print documents professionally reformatted ensuring your large print collateral presents a consistent and professional brand image.

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Large Print

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