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Accessible Communication Specialists

Pia have developed a reputation for delivering accessible communication formats that help you effectively communicate with all of your customers.

As part of our high quality service we can recommend and supply the most appropriate accessible format for your organisation. Pia's customer management team are trained to offer sound, creative and pragmatic advice to organisations that may never have commissioned accessible formats before. Pia provides a range of accessible format options including:

  • Accessible large print - available in a number of individualised formats that can be of benefit to customers who are partially-sighted or who have learning difficulties, physical reading issues, or dyslexia.
  • Audio - a format that can be appropriate for communicating with people who are partially-sighted but who may not be able to use braille, or with people who may have other issues, such as literacy problems.
  • Braille - this format is only suitable where it has been specifically requested by an end user. However, it is the only format that offers the end user independent access to a communication in writing.
  • Electronic files - with an increased use of technology, providing written communications in an electronic file gives end users the freedom to choose how to access the document. However, if the document is going to be accessed with the use of access technology, then it must be formatted and structured properly to allow the user to find their way around the file. Pia transcribers can ensure that your document has all the features it requires to make it work with access technology.
  • Easy read formats which are ideal for people with learning disabilities

Pia also works with partner organisations to offer an even wider range of accessible formats.

Easy Read

Easy Read is an alternative format made up of words and pictures, which is designed to make information more accessible for people with learning disabilities. Easy Read can also be useful for people with memory problems or for those whose first language is not English.  

To see an example of an Easy Read document, click here. To ensure its suitability, each Easy Read document is reviewed by people with a learning disability before the document is approved. This means that transcribing to Easy Read generally takes longer than transcribing in to other alternative formats.  

If you would like more information about our easy read services or a quotation please contact us.

British Sign Language (BSL)

For documents available online, you may need to consider adding a BSL interpretation. BSL is now an official language in the UK. Although it is based on English, there are a significant number of differences in the way a phrase or sentence might be expressed in BSL. For this reason, it is considered different enough to be considered a separate language. Pia can ensure you're reaching as wide an audience as possible by providing a BSL video to accompany important documents on your website.

For more information about the full range of accessible formats Pia offers please contact us.

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