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Braille Business Card Printing and Embossing

Your business card is a vital marketing tool. It tells potential customers the most important thing they need to know about your organisation and how to make contact. Having a stylish, accessible business card demonstrates an awareness of people's individual needs and the ability to respond to them.

Pia makes your business cards accessible in a number of ways to suit a variety of requirements, and pockets!

Ensuring your Business Cards are Clear & Accessible

Supply us with your artwork and we will take you through your options and make suggestions regarding layout and presentation to help optimise accessibility to your partially sighted contacts. 

Business cards are either supplied as standard 55x85mm single or double-sided cards or as 4-side folding cards (portrait or landscape).  If you choose the standard size, you’ll need braille labels for the reverse, but choosing the 4-side folding cards means that you have a card with a clear image in print on sides 1 and 2, and then the important information in braille on sides 3 and 4. 

Your Braille Business Card Options

When reviewing your business cards for accessibility we provide you with three options depending on your budget and needs:

  1. Use our advice, to get your business cards from your usual supplier and we will supply braille labels for the reverse (for more information please refer to the labels page).
  2. Pia can supply your printer with the suitable print template and we will add the braille and dispatch them finished, folded and boxed.
  3. Pia can handle the entire process including printing, brailling and finishing.

Contact us now for a quote or to see some samples of accessible business cards to help you decide on the best solution for you.

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