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Braille and Tactile Labels

Transparent, self-adhesive braille stickers enable you to instantly and cost effectively put braille on your packaging or documents. We can supply a variety of sizes to suit different needs, all on the same specially sourced, high-specification plastic. Pia’s plastic exceeds the requirements of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) by a significant margin, which means that it retains the braille dots even in fairly extreme changes of temperature and under heavy pressure.

Here are some examples of the wide range of uses for our braille and tactile labels, stickers and markers.

Accessible Business cards

Braille stickers are perfect for putting on the reverse of standard business cards, making them instantly accessible to braille users and giving all your potential customers a message about your commitment to meeting their needs.


Braille labels telling your customers that information is available in alternative formats, ensures that you reach as many potential customers as possible.

Packaging/Pharmaceutical packaging

Pia’s braille labels have been used very effectively on pharmaceutical packaging where clear labelling is vital, but can be used on any packing because compared to the alternative its remarkably hard wearing.  If you need a sample sheet of braille labels to have your product approved just let us know and we’ll provide the sheet of braille labels free of charge.

Labelling on accessible products

Transparent labels are also used regularly on audio cassettes, CDs, software discs and ID cards for distribution to blind and partially sighted people.

Operating buttons

Cut down to size, our braille labels are perfect for putting on the operating buttons of machines, for instance, the coffee machine at work, or the washing machine at home.  The durability of the braille labels means that they can be used in many places in the home or office.

Braille & tactile labels are available immediately in these sizes:

Name of Labels

Dimensions (mm)

Labels per sheet

Full A4 Sheet

210 x 296


4 line long

40 x 100


Business Card

40 x 83


2 line long

20 x 100


2 line medium

20 x 85


1 line medium

10 x 90


If your braille label size isn’t listed here, we also provide braille printed on A4 sheets to be hand finished either by you or by us.  If you intend to use large quantities of the braille labels, we can also arrange for a new label size to be created for you.

Contact us for advice on what braille label size best suits your needs.

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