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How can we help you provide a menu of accessibility?

August 02, 2021

In these challenging times it’s important to remember that people still need information in an accessible format. One example of this is a menu in a restaurant/café. How can we make sure that people can have the menu in a form that they can access while keeping the menu covid-safe?

At Pia, we’re here to help. There are two ways we can produce your menu so that it’s covid-safe.

The first option we have is to produce your menu in braille and large print, with laminated covers and using never tear paper which can be wiped clean in between uses. These will match the branding of your print menu and be finished to high-quality standard with wire binding to ensure that they meet accessibility guidelines as developed be UKAAF.

The alternative is that we produce single use menus. These would be on our standard braille and large print paper, with a simple cover. They would also be stapled instead of our usual wire binding, this would keep the cost lower and allow the menus to be thrown away once used.

Either of these options will ensure that you can provide your customers with a menu of safety while keeping your venue covid safe.

This can also be applied to other documents you may need to provide, for example safety information for visitors.

If you have any questions or would like to talk through your options, please get in touch.

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